Welcome to NTNUI Aikido Tekisuikan, a University club in Trondheim affiliated with the Norwegian Aikido Federation and Aikikai.

Upcoming Events/News

This semester we don’t have an extra beginner practice. Anyhow, everyone who wants to start or try out aikido is welcome to show up at any practice.

Our next seminars will be with Antony Pinchbeck, 5. dan Aikikai from Dinton, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain from 6. – 8. March 2020

and with

Jorma Lyly, 6th dan Aikikai from Stockholm, Sweden from 22. – 24. May 2020.

On the 15. April 2020 we have a joint practice with teakwondo and aikido.
Everyone is welcome to join the practice
The practice will start at 17:00 at Armfeldtsalen. If you can’t be on time and no one is at Armfeldtsalen please have a look at the dojo one floor downstairs.



The next seminars will be November with Jan Nevelius from Stockholm, Sweden.

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