Founding year:

The club was founded in 1985 in Trondheim. Since this time the club is part of the students’ sports association in Trondheim, then AVHI/NTHI, now NTNUI.

From 1986 until today, Kaare Kopreitan has been an invaluable member of the club.

Rising of the club:

The last years:

The club celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2005, inviting Christian Tissier shihan to Trondheim.

In 2007, the club first invited Frank Ostoff, then Jan Nevelius to teach seminars in Trondheim. Subsequently, club members started traveling extensively to seminars with Ostoff, Nevelius and Jorma Lyly. Jan Nevelius and Jorma Lyly now each come to Trondheim once a year.

Since 2007, and ever since their club was founded, our “sister club” in Oslo, Sentrum Aikido, has organized a trip to Trondheim every year, bringing impressing amounts of new and old aikidos to visit us.

The 30th anniversary of NTNUI Aikido Tekisuikan was celebrated in 2015, with a seminar held by Mouliko Halén, Bjørn Eirik Olsen, and Jorma Lyly. The seminar marked the role that NTNUI has played in the last decade as a sort of meeting point between the two Norwegian aikido federations NAF and Aikikan, and between Norwegian and Swedish aikido.