Here you can find the grading schedule of the 6. kyu. Demonstrated in videos with Håkon Fyhn, technical instructor of the club, as nage/tori and Viktória Havas, one of our instructors, as uke.

At the grading you have to present the following techniques:

Tandoku dosa (individuelle exercises):
Mae ukemi
Ushiro ukemi
Techniques with uke:
Katatedori gyakuhanmi: Shihonage [T]
Katatedori aihanmi: Ikkyo [T]
Shomen uchi: Ikkyo [T S]
Iriminage [T S]
Ryotedori: Kokyuho [S]
[T] … Tachi waza [S] … Suwari waza

The techniques and individual exercises are shown in the following videos.
If you have general question about the procedure of the grading please have a look here or ask any of the instructors.

Grading Program 6. Kyu