Every grading has a starting and a ending ritual, which can varries a bit form club to club.

In the following video (coming soon) you can see the beginning-, ending ceremony and two techniques to get an idea how the grading will be done and that you have it easier to follow.
During the grading you should always take care that the gi is placed right and that you are not getting undressed during grading. If it happens that your gi is not doing what you want. Take a minute, turn your back to the kamisa, adjust the gi and go on with grading. Don’t be ashame, this can happen, even to the best.
A good way to avoid such a mess is a tight belt/obi around your hip to keep the gi in place.
It also can happen that the hakama moves, especially during suriwas techniques. That is okay, you can fix it, but if you loose the hakama or if you have to bind it new, this will not be acceppted during a grading. So please fix your hakama well before you go to a grading.

When the grader changes to a new technique or comes to an end with the grading, please finish your attack and the techinque until the end. Don’t stop midway, even it is a pinning technique.

Try to have a contnious flow in all your techniques without breaks.

It might happen that you don’t understand the technique. Just go on with the previous technique. The grader will annonce the technique again, if you or someoneelse hasn’t understood it.

It also can happen that you have a black out and that you can’t remeber the annoced technique. In that case repeat the previous technique and spy around what the others are doing. This should help to remember the technique.

Always take care when you throw your uke that the uke is not collide with another uke. In that case it is better you stop the throw and bring down the uke in a smooth way or find another place to throw. Try not to make long breaks while you execute a technique.