This club is member of the Norwegian aikido association (Norges Aikidoforbund). The grading will be done in by the rules of the association. Our teachers are aloud, due to the regalement of the association, to grade until the 4. kyu.
Every semester we organise a grading practice together with Aikido Trondheim (TAK). Sverre Gullikstad Johnsen , head of TAK, and Håkon Fyhn, technical leader of the club, will be the grading committee and some of the teachers from each club.
Everyone is welcome to the grading seminar and be uke for the grading aikidoka.

If you reach the 4. kuy you can grade at grading seminars of the Norwegian aikido association to gain a higher grade, or you can come to the seminar with Bjørn Eirik Olsen in Trondheim.
Bjørn Eirik Olsen the head of the Norwegian aikido association holds every year a seminar in the autumn in Trondheim. At this seminar there will be gradings on Saturday after practice at 17:15.

What you should do before Grading:
Please talk to your teacher before you apply for a grading if you full fill the requirements for the grading. If it is okay that you can attend to the grading please fill in the grading application form and hand it in before the grading to Håkon Fyhn. We can’t let you attend to the grading without this form. So please think about it in advance.
If there are some questions you are warmly welcome to ask any of our teachers.

grading program
grading application form