Filming Techniques for our New Webpage

As part of the making of our new website, the club is filming all the techniques needed for grading. The filming started on Friday, with Håkon, Viktória and Wolfgang, but more members were recruited for the last shot, to get a clip of how a grading ceremony goes. As we soon realized, getting a perfect shot is hard work; an hour of filming covered only the 6th kyu syllabus, leaving more work for later.

After the filming, Viktória held a practice for everyone who showed up. She focused on distance and timing in suwariwaza, developing this to ikkyo tachiwaza.

Filming and practice was followed by a nice gettogether at Viktória and Wolfgang’s place. With everyone bringing some snacks and our hosts supplying drinks and even more snacks, the table was filled past bursting point with food. Good humor and good company kept the party going late into the night!

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