Christmas Practice with TAK

To start off December with good spirit, we had a Christmas Practice with TAK at their dojo, a new initiative from our clubs’ social planners. Despite exams having started and this event being held on a “sacred” taco Friday, the dojo filled up nicely. The first hour of practice was held by Håkon, who taught different techniques with the jo, and the second hour was held by Sverre, who focused on relaxing the body. After practice, we gathered to eat homemade and store-bought snacks and enjoy a good talk. A samurai movie was on the schedule, but some technical difficulties with the sound delayed the start. Despite this (and a lack of heat in the dojo), a small group stayed late to enjoy the movie Rashômon. This was a nice opportunity for the two clubs to get together, have fun and learn from each other, and we hope it can become a new tradition.

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