6th and 5th Kyu Grading

On Monday 5th March 2018, TAK and NTNUI Aikido arranged a combined grading. The evening began with a practice held by Marius, getting people ready for the grading by focusing on posture. The dojo was full of aikidokas that came to either watch or participate in the grading. Gopana, August, Hanne and Huong were going for 6th kyu, while Emilie, Sebastian, Alejandro and Stephanie were going for 5th kyu. The grading committee included Sverre, Håkon, Marius and James. The grading went nicely, and while the grading committee went to consider their verdict, the rest could relax and enjoy snacks that were prepared by Viktória and Wolfgang. After a while, everyone was summoned back into the dojo and the new grades were announced; everyone passed!
Congratulations and more snacks were in order now that finally everyone could relax.

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