1st Martial Art Exchange Seminar

On Saturday 17th February 2018, a Martial Art Exchange Seminar was held by the NTNUI clubs for Taekwondo, Aikido, Karate, and Judo. A similar practice has been held before, but then just for the instructors. This time each group could bring 5 members each, regardless of experience, and we managed to fill up the dojo at Dragvoll.

Taekwondo started off the day by teaching us different kicks, like at the kicking practice also held by Sverre a few weeks earlier. This time the progression was higher and we practiced combinations of the kicks as well.

Wolfgang held the second hour of practice, teaching the basics of using the bokken. One cut and one “block” was practiced, before everyone teamed up and combined the two techniques.

After an hour of kicking and an hour of lifting a sword over their heads, people were famished. A lunch was served at the cantina, like at our usual seminars. The four groups got a chance to mingle and discuss the different styles.

After lunch, the karate instructor took over. He went briefly through each of the three K’s, kihon, kumite and kata. For kihon, the basic techniques, we practiced gyaku tsuki. For kumite, fight, we used the gyaku tsuki combined with a block next to the head, practicing timing and finding the correct distance. At last we practiced the bunkai to the kata, tekki shodan. This meant using a more realistic version of the techniques, and putting them all together gave a new definition to the word overkill…

The last hour was held by the judo instructor, and we started off with some rolling and ground fighting. Afterwards we learned a back throw over the head and to finish off we learned another technique to pull your opponent down over yourself, to get him on his back while landing in a sitting position on top of his chest.

At the end of the practice, spirits were high and the group still had some energy left, so Sverre showed typical Taekwondo stretching exercises, and we were shown some fancy kicks from the experienced Taekwondo practitioners.

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