Kicking Practice

On Monday 22nd of January, Sverre, an instructor within the NTNUI Taekwondo group, and an assistant, Jimmy, came to join us for practice. First, we had 15 minutes of Aikido warm-up, then 15 minutes of Taekwondo warm-up, and 30 minutes of kicking-practice. We started by learning how to pick up the knees before kicking out, by doing a ball crushing front kick. We then moved on to learning mae geri (the normal, and kinder, front kick), kekomi (side thrust kick) and mawashi geri (roundhouse kick). Wolfgang finished off with 30 minutes of teaching a technique to protect oneself from mae geri, by entering, hooking the kicking leg with an arm, and entering even further to send the uke backwards. This was a fun practice for everyone and it will hopefully be repeated on a later occasion!

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