Julegrøt 27.11.2018

True to our traditions, our club gathered for the yearly Christmas porridge once again. Viktoria and Wolfgang invited the whole club to their home and a nicely set table for 12 people. With most of the guests being foreigners, eating porridge and hoping to find the hidden almond was a new concept for many, making this not only a cozy (Norwegians love kos…), but a funny experience as well. Lucas was the lucky finder of the almond and was nice enough to share the marzipan pig with everyone else. Kaare, the traditional host of the Christmas porridge, made his approval clear, saying that that the new hosts kept up the old standards. After the porridge pots were depleted, cheese and vegetables with dips was served for dessert. Towards the end, small gifts and kind words were given to Kaare, Viktoria and Stephanie, as thanks for work done for the club. Gifts were also given to Marius and Håkon, who sadly couldn’t come this evening. Thank you to everyone who came and made this such a nice evening!


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