One semester with NTNUI Aikido

In my last year of studying I decided to do an exchange year in Trondheim. Since my aikido was a bit rusty over the time I wanted to start again and see how the aikido is at the sport university NTNUI in Trondheim. I was a little apprehensive not knowing how it worked here but I was very well received and immediately put at ease.

There are many time slots to practice which allows a great flexibility according to the schedule of each person. The clubs has several instructors which allows you to discover different approaches while keeping the same general principles.

Besides aikido the club has also activities outside the tatami such as billiards or Christmas Porridge that allow you to have a good time and get to know each other.

I really enjoyed these 4 months of practice which participated well to leave me with an unforgettable memory of Trondheim.


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